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Whether you are passionate about saving the planet from global warming, addressing a social issue like gang violence or speaking up for your peers, you'll find a service opportunity to match your interests here. Click on a link below or in the navigate menu to the right.

The Environment: A list of organizations with a mission to protect the Earth.

Social Issues: From the AIDS epidemic to gang violence and more, these listings will appeal to those who want to help others and their communities.

Teen Groups in Arlington: Get more involved in the community while engaging with others your age who want to do the same through these Arlington-based organizations.

Leadership Development: Opportunities around Arlington to aquire valuable leadership skills. Internship Application: Apply for an internship with Responsibilities include maintaining and promoting Arlington Teens through social media accounts and developing the Arlington Teens website.

Youth Voice: Whether you want to be heard online, or speak up for and to your peers on issues that matter to youth, this long list includes local organizations looking for teen volunteers who want to take charge.

Volunteer Arlington: A searchable database that allows you to customize and find the right service opportunities for you. Check for more information.

Parks & Recreation:  BE A SUMMER CAMP VOLUNTEER!
Opportunities abound in the Arlington Department of Parks & Recreation. Volunteer as an aide in an adapted aquatics class, be a special events assistant, help to remove invasive plants from our parks, lead a 4-H club, lead senior adults on bus excursions, and more.

Volunteer Tips

1. Be realistic. It is common knowledge that high school students these days are incredibly busy. If your weekdays are packed, find a volunteer activity that you can do on weekends, perhaps once per month. Lots of non-profits are active on weekends, such as programs that combine sports and tutoring, or those working with the elderly. Non-profits Arlington Food Assistance Center offer special group projects just for young people. Or start a club at your school where you can work together with other students to organize and execute volunteer projects on school holidays. Visit for help in planning such projects.

2. Find a volunteer activity that fits your skills or interests. Helping others is so much easier if you are doing something you enjoy. 

3. Volunteer with friends or family. Many non-profits welcome students who are accompanied by a parent because they don’t have the staff to provide the necessary supervision. 

4. Stick with one or two organizations. Volunteer work can be much more rewarding if you take the time to get to know the staff and the cause. As with anything else, there is a learning curve. It takes several visits or projects to understand how everything works. You will find you can make more of a difference if you work with the same one or two organizations over a longer period of time than if you hopscotch around.

5. Help in different ways. Students who focus on one or two non-profits will soon see that they can help an organization in different ways. Many non-profits could use help in the office, especially with organizational projects or computer work. You may see a need for clothes, computers, or sports equipment that others you know can donate. Getting involved in different ways can be very rewarding and will help you to appreciate how challenging it is to run an effective organization.

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Having a hard time finding the right volunteer opportunity for you? Try Volunteer Arlington's searchable database to see who is recruiting help right now.