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Solving the Stess of School

By Meg Coleman

With society changing over time, teenagers are now facing more troubles than they ever had before. The pressure to do well in school is a growing problem for students, which could potentially lead to confidence issues later on in their lives. Most kids do not realize that they are over working themselves to become this perfect person they strive to be. Introducing support groups to help young adolescents reach their goals in and out of school will result in better grades and less stressful lives.
I believe getting through high school should not be done alone, and teenagers should be aware that there is always help available for whenever they need it. Although teachers try and understand the  work load students get on a regular basis, the amount of responsibility an "average" student upholds is huge. Having a group of adults or peers to go through homework and class work could turn around grades and attitudes. This is also a great way for withdrawn teenagers to make friends. Creating an environment for students to feel welcomed and receive the assistance they need should be accessible in all counties.
Posted: Oct 09, 2015 by Website Editor

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