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Live Kindly

This is NOT an April Fool's day post!!

Live Kindly, a brand based in Annapolis, began just earlier this year and is dedicated to spreading kindness through all generations young and old. This brand was created by Dave Neely who, after the birth of his children began to realize the impact of living a simple kind life. The goal of launching this brand says Dave is “to make a positive difference” and for people “to pass their kindness onto people they touch day in and day out”. Simply put at the core Live Kindly is about the little acts of kindness, such as holding the door for someone or even just saying “please” and “thank you”.

On, simple products such as shirts, hats, pins, and stickers are available that encourage people to start a conversation about what kindness means to them and the impacts of living a simple kind life. Dave says that he plans to introduce more products “that have fun, simple but impactful messages about kindness.” Soon more products such as coffee mugs, tote bags, magnets, dog collars, and much more will be available for purchase.

When Dave began to create Live Kindly he knew of multiple organizations that had made a positive impact in his life and he wanted to ensure that a percentage of Live Kindly’s profits went back to these organizations. Every time a purchase is made you get to choose the organization that you want your purchase to benefit. The causes that Live Kindly supports are Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, GRREAT (Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training), and SCUTE (South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts). When Dave and his wife had their second child they discovered that their son was born with severe Hydronephrosis. When doctors recommended surgery their son was admitted to Johns Hopkin’s hospital where he received excellent care and attention. Dave discovered GRREAT nine years ago when he adopted his second golden retriever- Hogan. GRREAT is run solely by volunteers and places approximately 100 Golden Retrievers each year. Lastly, Dave found SCUTE while visiting Litchfield Beach, South Carolina. Also solely run by volunteers, SCUTE is dedicated to sea turtle conservation. Before assisting in hatching and releasing these turtles, the volunteers take time to explain the hatching process and take any questions. All of these organizations have given something to Dave and his family and now through Live Kindly he is able to give back to them.

Since Live Kindly is about sharing kindness there are many ways that you can become involved. First, you can send “kindness in action” photos or stories to Each month a favorite story will be selected and the winner will receive a special gift from Live Kindly. Second, you can follow Live Kindly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest @welivekindly to learn about new ways to spread kindness and sales going on in their store. Third, periodically volunteer opportunities will be posted on their site so make sure you check back occasionally. Fourth, spread kindness in your daily life and be the person that others look up to.

Lastly, always remember this Japanese proverb: “One kind word warms three winter months.” and Live Kindly in ALL you do...Everyday!

Posted: Apr 01, 2017 by Claire Jackson

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