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Anatomy, Not Just for Doctors

Axle Estrella

What I’m about to advocate may sound biased, since I plan on dedicating my life to medicine when I grow up, but hear me out. I believe other teenagers should take time to try to learn more about their bodies, and not just the simple concepts that are taught in a typical high school health class. Anatomy and physiology should be taught at high schools, preferably offering students an alternative science credit from the usual biology, chemistry, and physics. Not only would this show real-world applications of knowing more about yourself, but students would get an insight on how to properly take care of themselves.

Through the halls, I always hear students question why they keep forgetting the information they learned the week before or some other nonmedical uncertainty. Students are also denied most work positions offered by hospitals, obviously due to age, but also due to the lack of knowledge in medical terminology like distal or contralateral. So far, APS offers classes like Physical Therapy at the Career Center and IB Sports Exercise & Health Science at schools that have the IB program, so those courses are a great start.

Posted: Oct 07, 2015 by Website Editor

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